Watercolour Restoration

The restoration of watercolour paintings is a particularly delicate process as paintings are often completed on fragile paper, leaving them susceptible to tears and punctures. As such, we work with care and precision to ensure all watercolour restorations are completed to the highest possible standards.

  • Watercolour paintings are often very detailed and created using specific techniques, requiring the attention of only the most experienced fine art restorers.
  • With over 30 years’ experience, Fine Art Restoration Co. has restored many delicate and valuable watercolour paintings to their original condition.
  • We can collect your painting and complete the restoration on or off-site, depending on your specific requirements.

Watercolour restoration often involves the treatment and removal of foxing and mould spores from the delicate surface of the paper. Here you will see some photos of watercolours in before and after restoration stages.

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