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Oil Painting Restoration

Our skill in oil painting restoration enables us to restore a variety of damaged works of art, including paintings that have been affected by fire, water and tobacco residue. These delicate and specialised restorations can improve both a painting’s value and its aesthetic quality.

  • We survey each oil painting individually to assess the condition or damage before assigning it to one of our specialist craftsmen.
  • We can collect your painting and complete the restoration on or off-site, depending on your specific requirements.
  • We’re experts in repairing tears or punctures to canvases and parchments, and we can press, re-stretch or re-line canvases in order to restore a painting’s original appearance.
  • We also offer a picture frame restoration service click here for more information.

Examples of oil painting restoration

One of the most common problems for our clients is trying to visualise how their damaged oil painting will look once it is fully repaired and restored to its original condition. Here you will find some photos and descriptions of the artwork restoration processes involved which should give you a good idea of what can be achieved with professional art restoration.

Restoration of a damaged oil paintings

One of the most common oil painting restoration tasks we perform for clients is surface cleaning. When we surface clean an oil painting we use a variety of methods to carefully remove yellowed varnish, soot, nicotine and other surface dirt from the delicate oil paint.

Here you will see some examples of oil paintings being surface cleaned and the original colours in the paintwork slowly being revealed.

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