Mounting and Framing Works of Art on Paper

As works of art on paper are particularly delicate, it is important that they are correctly mounted and framed to offer comprehensive protection.

The use of improper materials, such as acidic mounts and ill fitting frames, can damage the already fragile work.

If your work on paper has suffered such degradation, we can mount and frame your painting to conservation standards.

Our specialist acid-free museum backing boards and mounts will protect your painting when being handled and insulate against environmental influences including light, heat, humidity and pollution damage.

The addition of the mount further adds to the appeal of the painting by creating depth, and the carefully matched colour of the mount will be well suited to the style of your painting.

Choosing from our large selection of frames will ensure structural stability, and stop any pollutants from contaminating the painting.

The frames come in a range of styles, and can feature period moulding, decoration and corner design, and hand carving to replicate traditional profiles.

The finish applied to the frames includes gilt, silver gilt and water-gilding with 23.5 carat leaf. This can be hand patinated and aged to match any period.

Our archives contain a wide range of traditional profiles and mouldings that can be size matched to your artwork.

Adding UV protective glass will further protect your artwork from being damaged or fading by blocking direct and indirect sunlight. The Tru Vue Museum Glass ® is anti-reflective and halts 99% of UV rays, ensuring that your painting can be displayed safely in any room.

If your current frame is in need of restoration instead of replacement, we can undertake this in the studio. Visit Frame Restoration for more information on your options.

Protecting your work on paper will ensure that it is guarded against environmental and accidental damage, and preserved for the future.

If you would like to know more about your options, please contact us for more information.

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