Framing Options

If your painting is currently unframed, or purchasing another frame is preferable, we have a variety of options for artwork framing.

The frame you select will provide full structural support and complement your artwork.

Your chosen frame will suit the style of the painting. For added touches of authenticity, the frame can feature period moulding, decoration and corner design, and hand carving to replicate traditional profiles.

The finish applied to the frames includes gilt, silver gilt and water-gilding with 23.5 carat leaf. This can be hand patinated and aged to match any period.

Our archives contain a wide range of traditional profiles and mouldings that can be size matched to your artwork.


For watercolours and works on paper, specialist acid-free museum backings and mounts are available.

UV protective glass blocks direct and indirect sunlight from damaging and fading your artwork. The Tru Vue Museum Glass ® is available for all types of artwork. The anti-reflective glass blocks 99% of UV rays, offering comprehensive protection.

Please see below for a selection of our frames, with many more available. If you would like to know more about your options, please contact us for more information.

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