Welcome to Fine Art Restoration Co.

We’re experts in cleaning and restoring paintings, from historic oil paintings to contemporary works of art.

Based in the border city of Carlisle and with a restoration studio in London, we’re the UK’s only national restoration company; covering the whole country and working both on and off site, depending on our clients’ requirements and the nature of the restoration.

Our 30 years’ experience in fine art restoration means we’re one of the most trusted and respected companies around; having worked with a variety of well-known clients including AXA Art, BBC, Church of England and the National Trust.

Our approach to art restoration

As well as being experienced, we’re also versatile: employing a team of highly qualified craftspeople with a variety of different specialisms. We’ll take the time to understand your restoration project before pairing you up with a specialist: whether you’d like us to restore an oil painting, extra large painting or something completely different.

We might have experience and expertise on our side, but what really sets us apart is our attitude to restoration. We take pride in completing every project to the highest possible standards, whether it’s a family heirloom or an iconic museum piece. We work carefully and sympathetically and keep you informed every step of the way: ensuring you’re delighted with the finished project.

Why not visit our Testimonials page now to hear from some of our recent clients, or request a free quote from Charles, our senior art restorer.


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