Welcome to Fine Art Restoration Co., we can give your paintings a new lease of life
with professional cleaning and restoration.

Our experienced restorers will protect and conserve your painting for future generations.
Skillful restoration can add value to your painting, both financially and through your enhanced enjoyment.

Our clients include:

Our Services include

The Fine art restoration Co are experts in the restoration of original art, painting restoration, art conservation, oil painting cleaning and, oil painting restoration and picture frame restorers.

As picture restorers, we ensure all work is carried out by a senior picture restorer with many years experience in the restoration paintings, conservation of paintings, and oil painting restoration. We have a reputation as expert art restorers,
in the field of restoration of oil paintings, oil painting repair, picture frame restoration, and fine art conservation.

We are not limited to oil paintings on canvas, we also provide watercolour restoration. As painting conservators carrying out
watercolour and oil painting restoration, we will always provide a detailed quotation and explain exactly the scope of the
work we carry out. Being oil painting restorers, fine art restorers, we are happy to provide you full details of oil painting restoration costs.

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