How do I get my painting to you?

Deliver it in person to our studio.

Our driver can collect the painting from your home or office. We can also pack your painting and provide a custom box should you require. 

Send it via registered post or use your own courier.

How long will it take?

A typical oil painting will take three to four weeks to fully restore. 

My painting has a large tear can you repair this?

Yes, depending on the exact nature of the damage we would either re-line the canvas or apply a patch. The finished result is virtually invisible.

Do you restore watercolours?

Regularly as well as many other works on paper, lithographs, etchings etc. 

Can you work on site?

Yes, we do work on site, especially on larger paintings that are to difficult to remove, however we prefer to work in our fully equipped studio.

Do you repair frames?

Yes, from basic repairs through to complete regilding. We also operate a custom framing workshop so your existing frame can either be repaired or we can supply a new swept or traditional moulding to suit.

Do you value paintings?

No valuations of paintings is best left to professional auctioneers and valuers, if you are looking for a recommendation please call us.

Are you insured?

We carry liability insurance of £5 Million.

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