Professional Oil Painting Cleaner & Restoration Fluid

A professional grade product which is widely used by Museums, Art Dealers, Churches, Artists and Restorers.
This is the only art restoration product that can be safely and effectively used by a layman.

  1. Cleanses surfaces from dirt, replacing soap and water, which may harm certain paintings. It does not attack the varnish or old paint surfaces.
  2. Revives old varnish that has become dull.
  3. Leaves a protective finish more lasting than any known varnish.
  4. Permanently removes BLOOM from varnishes.
  5. Dulls an excessively shiny varnish.
  6. Dries at once and never leaves a sticky surface.
  7. Finger marks do not show on finish.
  8. Does not darken or lose its transparency or brilliance.
  9. Does not leave border marks when used for reviving dull or blemished patches in the varnish.

The product ships in a 120ml container which will clean approximately 4-6 medium sized oil paintings.
Comes with full instructions.

£29.99 + £3.99 P&P


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